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Michigan Water Extraction

Time is of the essence when water is damaging your property. It is best to extract any flooding or unwanted water within 12-24 hours to keep any damage at a minimum. Water damage can occur at any time, which is why we offer 24 hour emergency services. Our Michigan water extraction team will provide quick and professional water removal to help ensure a dry and safe property.

Water Extraction Services

  • Water Extraction Assessment:
  • Prior to our water damage cleanup, we will determine the category of the water damage. There are three main water damage categories, which include:

    • Category 1: This is classified as water that originates from a clean source. However, flooding that is a category 1 can deteriorate into a category 2 classification if not dealt with quickly.
    • Category 2: Water that contains a level of contamination is classified as a category 2. Also known as grey water, it is important to treat category 2 water quickly, as it could lead to illness if ingested.
    • Category 3: Category 3 water is especially unsanitary and very unsafe if ingested. This type of water is typically contaminated with bacteria or sewage.
  • Complete Water Extraction: We utilize only the best and most advanced equipment at Midwest Restoration to fully dry and extract the water from your office or home. Initial water extraction is crucial, and we are able to remove 95% of unwanted water at the start of our process.
  • Top Down Drying: We understand that replacing carpet is an expensive and stressful ordeal. When dealing with category 1 water, we can completely dry your property without having to remove or float your carpet using our top down drying methods. This will prolong the quality and life of your carpet, saving you time and money.

Our Michigan water extraction team is able to remove water from your property quickly and effectively using our state of the art cleanup equipment. You can feel confident in knowing that your furniture and personal belongings will be left in place during the drying process, so you can continue to function in your office or home.

If you are experiencing unwanted water on your property, professional water damage cleanup is needed. Contact Midwest Carpet and Restoration today for 24 hour emergency services.