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Wind Damage Restoration

Michigan weather can be unpredictable, which includes damaging storms, wind, and rain. In fact, the Metro-Detroit area averages 32 days of thunderstorms and nine tornadoes yearly. If your structure or property has experienced wind damage and requires restoration, Midwest Carpet and Restoration offers reliable results.

Damage According to Wind Speed

When it comes to strong winds, there are three different categories, separated by their severity. These winds are ranked as followed:

  • 45-54 Mph Winds (Violent Gale): Slight damage may occur to structures. Shingles may be torn off, and already damaged or weakened roofs may be further impaired. Trees may also lose branches, which can cause other forms of damage.
  • 55-63 Mph Winds (Storm): Mild to moderate structural damage may happen. Awnings and shingles may be blown off of structures, and chimneys and antennas may be damaged. Trees may also be uprooted.
  • 64+ Mph Winds (Severe Storm): Considerable damage will occur to structures. Roofs can be partly removed, and mobile homes can be pushed off of their foundations or overturned. Semi-trucks are overturned. Uprooted and damaged trees will also add to property damage.

Taking Michigan’s unpredictable weather into account, it is not surprising that many individuals across the state are in need of wind damage restoration. If your Michigan property has experienced wind damage, repairing the affected areas quickly is the best plan of action.

At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, we never close, so you can call on us 24/7 for emergency services. Our wind damage experts are guaranteed to be at your property within an hour of your first phone call.

If you are searching for professional and dependable Michigan wind damage restoration services, contact us today.