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Michigan Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Michigan Odor RemovalWhen moving into an apartment, home, or office that has previously been occupied by cigarette smokers, there may be unwanted smoke aroma throughout the space. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our team of skilled odor removal specialists can eliminate even the most stubborn cigarette smoke smells from your space.

Why Cigarette Smoke Odor Is So Difficult to Remove

  • It is made up of very small particles: Airborne particles are what make up odors, and cigarette smoke has very small particles. Because of this, they can settle into areas easier than other particles. Cigarette smoke seeps into upholstery, furniture, carpeting, wall paint, windows, cabinets, light fixtures, and ducts in a structure.
  • It maintains more moisture than other types of smoke: Cigarette smoke contains moisture, which is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker. Because of this added moisture, this smoke is more likely than other types to stick to surfaces.
  • Large amounts of smoke particles build up in the area due to consistent smokers: Individuals who smoke cigarettes often smoke many times a day, which can continue for years. Smoke particles then build up, often leading to a brown film on furniture and other surfaces.

Using only up-to-date deodorizing equipment and methods ensures that we can neutralize cigarette smoke odor in any area of your space. Unlike typical household methods of eliminating smells, our techniques can treat even the most stubborn odors.

If you are looking for reliable cigarette smoke odor removal services, you can count on Midwest Carpet and Restoration for effective and professional services. Contact us today to learn more.