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Fire & Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke resulting from a fire can leave behind strong and stubborn odors, which can be difficult to remove from a property. Thankfully, our team at Midwest Carpet and Restoration is trained and experienced in fire and smoke odor removal, so you can be sure that any unwanted smells will be eliminated from your space in a timely manner.

How Long Will It Take to Remove Fire & Smoke Odors?

When it comes to determining the amount of time it will take to deodorize your space, there are a number of factors to take into account. These factors include:

  • Type of Smoke: Different materials give off varying scents at varying degrees of strengths when burned. Wood, plastic, and drywall will all generate smoke with varying characteristics.
  • Amount of Smoke Exposure: The amount of smoke exposure an area has experienced will determine the time it will take to remove odors from the area. This is determined by the size and location of the fire, and how long the smoke lingered in the area before it was aired out.
  • Size of the Area Damaged by Smoke: Generally, the larger the area, the more time it will take to deodorize it. However, smoke that is in smaller, enclosed areas can also lead to stronger odors.

We understand that each individual fire and smoke odor removal situation is unique. That is why we create a treatment plan specifically for your space. We use only the most up-to-date and effective techniques to completely remove stubborn odors from your property.

If you are dealing with unwanted fire and smoke odors in your home or office, contact Midwest Carpet and Restoration today for fast, quality service.