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Hartland, MI Restoration

Midwest Carpet and Restoration is proud to be one of the select few full-service property restoration firms in the state of Michigan. We offer dependable restoration services to fully restore your property when the unexpected strikes. The response time of a restoration company can make an enormous difference in the cost and extent of damage repair. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our Hartland, Michigan restoration team is on call 24/7 to address your restoration needs as soon as they occur.

Water Damage

The quicker you respond to water damage, the more damage you can prevent from occurring. It is important that a reliable, experienced professional is on hand to remove any excess water, leaving your property clean and safe. Whether you are dealing with a burst pipe, faulty dishwasher, or a bad rainstorm, we offer the following services:

Odor Removal

Our top quality equipment is used to permanently remove stubborn odors from your home or office building. These strong smells can seep into your carpeting, walls, and other surfaces. Our teams work hard to create a fresh, clean space with the following services:


Having a clean, sanitized environment for your property creates a more productive, safe, and more positive work environment. Our certified cleaning teams utilize high quality, state-of-the-art equipment to effectively cleanse your property. Our variety of cleaning services include:

Fire Damage

Ash, soot, and smoke can be detrimental to your health, as well as damaging to your property. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our teams are trained in the proper techniques to effectively and safely remove hazardous materials, keeping you safe.

Storm Damage

When a strong storm hits, you should act fast to minimize damage to your home or office. Midwest Carpet and Restoration’s teams are available day and night to assess, mitigate, and restore your property the moment a storm strikes. Our certified technicians provide professional restoration services to protect your home or business, such as:

Mold Remediation

Caused by moisture build up overtime, mold can be dangerous to your health and have real effects on the structural integrity of your building. Our skilled team will remove all mold from your home and provide pre and post clearance testing to ensure a safe property. Our mold remediation services include:

Our team at Midwest Carpet and Restoration is committed to protecting our customers. Our Hartland, MI restoration crew is certified and experienced in advanced techniques to properly assess, mitigate, and repair your structure.

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