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Fowlerville, MI Restoration

Midwest Carpet and Restoration has dependable restoration services to safely restore your property when the unexpected occurs. The response time of a restoration company can make a significant difference in the extent and cost of damage repair. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our Fowlerville, Michigan restoration team is available 24 hours a day address your restoration services.


Our residential and commercial cleaning services take the stress out of your building cleanup. Having a clean, sanitized environment for your property creates a more productive, safer, and positive work space. Our wide variety of services include:

Mold Remediation

Not only is mold unsightly, it can also be detrimental to your health and have serious effects on the structural integrity of your building. Our skilled teams remove all mold from your space, and provide comprehensive pre and post clearance testing to ensure that your property is mold free. Our mold remediation services include:

Fire Damage

Smoke, ash, and soot can be harmful to your body and health, as well as damaging to your property and personal belongings. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our teams are trained in the proper techniques to effectively remove materials that may be hazardous to your health. Our fire damage services include the following:

Storm Damage

Severe storms of all kinds can cause significant damage to your property in a short period of time. Midwest Carpet and Restoration’s teams are on call any time of the day or night to address your storm damage restoration needs. Our skilled technicians provide you with reliable services such as:

Odor Removal

Our top of the line equipment and advanced techniques are proven to fully remove stubborn odors in your home or office. Our team works hard to create a fresh, clean environment for you to enjoy. Our odor removal services include:

Water Damage

When you are dealing with water seeping into your home or business, time is of the essence. The quicker you respond to water damage, the greater the chance of reducing further damage. We guarantee to be on site within one hour of your call, so we will be there as soon as water damage strikes.

From unsanitary conditions to damaged belongings, our Fowlerville, MI restoration team is certified and experienced in industry leading techniques to properly assess, mitigate, and repair your structure and property. Day or night, Midwest Carpet and Restoration is guaranteed to be on your site within one hour of your call.

Contact Midwest Carpet and Restoration today for superior restoration services for your home or office.