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Michigan Smoke Damage Restoration

[node:title]Smoke can be quite damaging to a property following a fire. Not only can it harm your personal belongings, it can also cause harm to your health. There are specific steps that must be taken to properly clean and restore a structure when it comes to smoke damage. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our smoke damage restoration crew has the knowledge and tools to effectively restore your property.

Smoke Damage Restoration Services

  • Smoke Damage Assessment: It is critical that we determine the extent of smoke damage to your structure before creating an effective treatment plan. Our experienced team will also determine if board up or security services are needed to prevent any additional damages to your property.
  • Smoke Odor Removal: Smoke permeates into ceilings, walls, upholstery, floors, and more, leaving behind an unwanted scent. If smoke damage is not properly treated, this smell can cause further damage to your belongings, property, and health. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our professional equipment effectively removes all smoke damage, so you can feel safe and comfortable in your home or office.
  • Smoke Damage Mitigation: At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our professional team follows proper procedures to carefully and effectively remove, clean, and repair any smoke damage from your home or workplace.
  • Content Restoration: Smoke damage can cause your personal belongings to have a strong odor or discoloration and staining. Our Michigan smoke damage restoration team will quickly and expertly restore your personal possessions while preventing further damage.

During a fire, smoke will fill your home or commercial space. This smoke oftentimes contains materials in the building that have been burned, including solvents and glues, which release toxic gases. At Midwest Carpet and Restoration, our teams are skilled in the latest smoke damage restoration techniques to help restore your property as quickly as possible.

When you are in need of Michigan smoke damage restoration services, give Midwest Carpet and Restoration a call. Our team will be on site within one hour of your phone call, guaranteed!